Botox Eyelid Droop – How Eye Magic Eye Strips Can Help

Eye Magic eye strips can help with drooping eyelids that result from botox injections

Eye Magic eye strips can help with drooping eyelids that result from botox injections

One of the most common side effects of botox is eyelid drooping, and many people are desperate to quickly fix this issue. Some of our customers have reported that one or both eyes experienced a significant droop after being injected in the forehead with botox.

Although Eye Magic is not specifically designed to help with drooping eyelids that result from botox, our customers have reported that our eye strips have greatly helped with this issue.

Eye Magic Eye Lift Strips add support to drooping upper eyelid skin by invisibly holding the skin in its natural position, providing brighter, more defined eyes, and instantly taking years off the face.

Here are two testimonials from Eye Magic users that have experienced eyelid drooping after botox injections:

Had a little botox in my forehead that made my eyes droopy. They couldn’t fix it with more botox but I’ve had great results with Eye Magic. I feel beautiful instead of embarrassed by my drooping eyelids. Thank you so much.
Steph B.
Pflugerville, TX

I recently have had some issues with one eye as a result of botox in the forehead…it was horrible. That eyelid already had excessive skin, due to a car accident. I searched the web for days trying to find help. I saw your product and after I read the testimonials, I thought I’d try them. I got the combo pack, not sure which shape would be best. Oh my GOSH! I couldn’t believe how they work! One thing I didn’t realize is how invisible they become! I was also worried about using them when I play golf (because of the humidity) but today they didn’t budge and the adhesive held tight!! I can’t begin to tell you how incredible this product is. Those are 2 very important points that should be very clear in your description. I may have surgery some day, but in the meantime, you have changed my attitude and a big part of my life!
Anonymous User
Florida, United States

Have you used Eye Magic to help with drooping eyelids resulting from a botox injection? We would love to hear from you. Visit our feedback form to tell us about your experience.

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