What are “Hooded” Eyelids?

The term “hooded”, when used to describe eyelids, is confusing to some people.  In looking for only one definitive meaning, it’s clear that hooded generally means eyelids that are partly covered by skin when the eyes are open.  Using that description, it’s likely that everyone’s eyes will eventually become hooded as a result of sagging skin due to aging.  Plastic surgeons who perform blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery), sometimes use the word to describe natural sagging or drooping due to aging, probably because it is a commonly used term to describe the condition.  Used most accurately, the term “hooded” describes eye configurations where bone structure is the reason that the eyelids are not completely visible when the eyes are open.

Hooded eyelids before and after using Eye Magic

Hooded eyelids before and after using Eye Magic

Hooded, as it relates to bone structure, describes a brow area above the lids that juts out a bit, causing the skin that covers the area just below the eyebrows to obscure part of the eyelids along the curve of the lid.  In younger people, the skin that covers a portion of the eyelid is not actually sagging, even though it may have the appearance of heaviness. This type of eye structure is also called “bedroom eyes”, as it appears seductive to some people.  Some well known celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Renee Zellweger have hooded eyelids.  For those looking to open up the eyelid area, Eye Magic can create the look of a full eyelid by lifting and supporting the skin that’s covering the eyelid underneath.

The word hooded is also used to describe large eyelids that have no distinct shape or definition.  This type of lid does not have the crease that creates an eyelid in deeper set eyes. Hooded eyelids are common among those of Asian descent, and unlike the previous description of a more pronounced brow, it’s an eye configuration that results from a flatter, smoother bone structure.  To create an eyelid for this configuration generally requires a small, stiff strip, commonly referred to as “double eyelid tape”.  Double eyelid tape is specifically designed for Asian eyes, or any eyelid without a crease.  The Eye Magic support strips are a bit larger, softer and more pliable than double eyelid tape and are specifically designed for eyes that have an existing crease and deeper eye socket.  While the more comfortable Eye Magic strips may create an eyelid for some where a crease does not exist, for others without a crease it may not be stiff enough to create a visible lid.

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    2. Kate Crockford

      If one has an operation to remove Hooded eye lids,
      How long does this look last, before it has to be done again, or will it last ?
      please reply.

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